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Valor Tire Pressure Monitoring System  

TPMS is the abbreviation of Tire Pressure Monitoring System. It's a reliable proactive device which always monitors pressure and temperature of each tire in both driving and stopping. If the sensor gets the abnormal conditions such as high temperature and leakage, it will immediately send a signal to the receiver wirelessly, then the display gives the driver an alarm.

                                        TPMS 201

                        The Display is clear, plain and elegant
When the pressure is low:

The life time of your tires will be reduced rapidly while the gasoline consumption is increasing. The risk of a burst tire and the following traffic accident is high, especially when driving at high speed.


  • International patent pending ID module technology Recalibration or reprogramming is not needed when you rotate the tire or replace the sensor.

  • Simple operation with just one button The system is user-friendly. The driver won’t be bothered by setting up the parameters. All the functions can be operated with just one button.

  • Real-time monitoring The system will monitor the tire conditions in real-time, no matter the car is parking or driving.

  • Clear display With the big screen, four tire’s pressure or temperature can be shown on the display simultaneously.

  • Light and flexible sensor The transmitter’s weight is merely 36g (1.26oz.), which is easy balanced. The sensor-valve joint is flexible to match various rim profiles.

  • Power saving system Battery life is at least 5 years owing to its large capacity and power saving circuit.

  • Slow leakage warning This product is capable of monitoring the slow leakage as well as the situation of high or low pressure, high temperature and rapid leakage.


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